"With a fast tracked programme to ensure occupation before Christmas, The Buchan Group were able to work very closely with Image to stage our design deliverables to meet their construction programme. The professionalism of Images office management team was equally supported by their highly competent and communicative site personnel. Image's readiness to work with nominated sub trades and 'architects as clients', proved highly beneficial to the exacting delivery of the project. With the prompt resolution of defecting the end result has exceeded our expectations, been well received by our clients and created an environment in which our staff happily work".
Eric Buhrs , Senior Associate, The Buchan Group
"Image handled all stages of this large and detailed project with skill, care and professionalism. This successful project involved a strong and co-operative team of client, architect and contractor and the clients are extremely happy with the end result and enjoyed their interaction with the builders on site. As the project architect our vision for the project was fully brought to reality by Image."
Graeme Jacobs, Director, Graeme Jacobs Architect Ltd
"The Balmoral project was a challenging build with difficult ground conditions, a restricted working area and some demanding detailing called for. Image proved more than capable. Their experienced team were a pleasure to work with and the finished home is an excellent example of their skills and abilities with architectural housing. We would not hesitate to recommend Image to others looking for a reliable, honest and well organized construction team".
Stephen Crooks, Chaplin Crooks Architects
"James and his team were 100% professional throughout a particularly complex project. Image pushed hard to keep to timeframes, proactively looking for savings whilst protecting the integrity and safety of the build project, liaised well with the architects and council project managers and met every expectation of them. Their professionalism, customer service and helpfulness are excellent."
Selwyn District Council
"James Woods has been efficient and a very technically capable Project Manager, who readily understands technical details and the consequences of them in complex building projects. He asks very good searching questions and understands the limitations that specified products and systems are capable of. I would even go so far as saying that he would be in the Top 10 Project Managers in Christchurch. It is one thing having knowledge yet it is another thing to have the ability to impart that knowledge - [evident from] James' very open communication style and desire to involve the whole team in the process."
Dave Sturman, Dave Sturman Consultancy Ltd
"James Woods' management skills ensured that this complicated project ran smoothly. There were hurdles to overcome but James' ownership of the project led to a successful conclusion. James had to navigate his way through various parties maintaining effective working relationships with all. He managed these relationships extremely well, having an understanding of each parties motives and finding solutions to the changing challenges. Communication both written and verbal was clear. James' collaborative approach, positive attitude and ownership of the challenges ensured the project maintained momentum."
Darryl Haines, Principal, Warren and Mahoney Architects Limited
"We have been closely involved with Image Director, James Woods, on several simultaneous, complex, fast track projects at the University of Canterbury. These include the $4m phase one and two Undercroft projects at the James Hight Building. These projects contain high level M&E works and architectural detailing. James has simultaneously managed this project in tandem with another fast track project, the $3m 'UCSA Event Centre' project again containing complex AV, electrical, architectural, mechanical and coordination components. All of these projects have been delivered in a fast track timeframe. James Woods has become one of [our] Christchurch offices preferred contractors based on his innate ability to manage complex projects in a competent professional manner."
Jonathan Coote, Principal, Warren and Mahoney Architects Limited
"James has fulfilled the requirements in an exemplary manner, meeting all targets and client / architect expectations. This building was successfully completed within an extremely short time programme, which involved not only coordination of his own work force and subcontractors, but also the integration with the Client own separate contactors / staff to connect to the complex University Services Infrastructure. The building has a high level of servicing and is a non-standard construction type. Throughout the Construction and handover process, James oversaw an efficient and competent workforce to ensure delivery of a well constructed, complex building within the extremely short construction period."
Nicholas J Courtney, Managing Director, Courtney Architects: Designers Ltd
"Image consistently meet our expectations – their work is of an exceptional quality, from management of their sub-trades to the finished product. They have a reliable team of builders and sub trades who take pride in the work they produce, taking responsibility not only for their own work but for the entirety of the project. We have dealt primarily with James Woods and have been impressed with the professional manner in which he handles each renovation. In our experience the most important factor in project management is effective communication. James excels in this area and ensures that each renovation is carried our smoothly within the required timeframe and budget."
Lydia Geerlings, Ingrid Geldof Design
"The University of Canterbury gratefully acknowledges the support you have provided in response to the earthquake in Christchurch on 4 September 2010. We have been truly humbled by the willingness and speed of response of the many people, suppliers and organizations that have helped us during the last fortnight. Your generosity has been much appreciated and has made it possible for us to get back on track so quickly. "
University of Canterbury: Dr Rod Carr
"We had six months of major renovations to our house involving significant structural rearrangement internally and a new 2 story extension. From the initial meeting and through to the final sign off we have been impressed with the whole Image team. The quality of work has been very good and Image has worked well with our architect and us. Communications during the project have been excellent. "
Client, Avonhead Rd
"At the end of this week I am retiring from the Warren & Mahoney practice. I have really enjoyed working with you and your team on the various projects over the years, greatly appreciating your building expertise & Images’ professionalism. Often these projects have been difficult & sometimes with demanding clients but always you have kept them running smoothly & to a good conclusion – it has made our task easier."
Warren and Mahoney, Architects Ltd
"I am writing this reference to thank Image for the excellent jobs they have done recently at the Kaiapoi North School. KNS was extremely pleased with the foreman and his team of workers. In both projects I was pleased with the way issues were addressed when problems came up – as they do with alterations, but the School was also able to work together with the workers on site and are very happy with the final results."
jenS architectural design
"Assigning a gifted foreman builder to liaise with our architect and to manage the project and the work of their sub-contractors, the result is very satisfying. We had no hesitation in looking to Image to do some further renovations with equally satisfying results. A feature of our relationship has been the willingness of Image to ensure that we were satisfied with the results and the workmanship of sub-contractors as well as the work of their own employees."
Client, Kissling
"We were impressed with the workmanship of Image and their sub contractors, their timelines for finishing and with their overall project management. In particular we were pleased with their focus on detail and desire to ensure that as clients we were satisfied with the work."
Client, Tancreds Road
"The construction was carried out to the good standard expected by the client and myself. No difficulties were experienced and I found Image to be a very co-operative firm to deal with. Their contract management is very good and sub-contractors worked well to their programme. "
Maurice Hunt, Registered Architect
"Image’s staff involved in this alteration were competent, pro-active, accommodating and extremely professional throughout the construction period. Their workmanship was of the highest standard along with their organizational skill, management skill and professionalism to their work. Their work was consistently of a high standard and I would confidently recommend them for any building task, as they have the expertise and knowledge necessary to make any building project an enjoyable experience. "
Foley Group Architecture
"Courtney Architects : Designers Ltd have administered a number of residential building contracts undertaken by Image for various clients with positive outcomes. All projects have been successfully completed on programme with workmanship of the highest standard. The Image team have ensured good site planning, communication and management of staff and subcontractors."
Courtney Architects, Designers Ltd
"The liaison and co-operation of Image throughout the refurbishment has been excellent. Right from the signing of the contract through to completion of the works we have had excellent co-operation and I would particularly like to note that the Foreman on the job was first class and co-operated incredibly well through any of the minor difficulties that arise from a refurbishment in a house that is occupied."
Client, Cannon Hill
"They were very friendly and professional and their communication was exceptional. They were happy to listen to our needs and act on them and were very accommodating when we made changes as the job progressed. Thanks James for being so professional and easy to work with and leaving no stone unturned, service you don’t often get these days. "
Client, Ataahua
"Work was carried out in a very thorough manner and with very few problems all of which were solved pro-actively without the loss of any time. The guys on site were always ahead of the game which made running the project a breeze. If you have a tricky project these are the guys to use. "
skews @rchitects ltd, Scarborough Road

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"Image consistently meet our expectations – their work is of an exceptional quality, from management of their sub-trades to the finished product..."Read More